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Members of Winchburgh Community Council

Winchburgh Community Council welcomes members to join us from the village of Winchburgh’s local community. We are proud to represent the people of Winchburgh. We welcome all to attend our monthly community council meetings and contribute on local issues and matters of interest. We work together to give the local community a voice.

 If you would like to be part of the Winchburgh Community Council or join our monthly meeting then please contact us for more information.

Members of Winchburgh Community Council

Community Members

Chairperson – Mr Nicolas Knox

Vice Chairperson – Mr Pete Nisbet

Treasurer – Mrs Mandy Baird

Secretary – Mr Graham Campbell

Other Members

Mr William Honeyford

Mr Jim Sommerville

Mrs Sheila Sutherland

Mrs Irene Wallace

Mr Peter Anderson

Mr John Pritchard

Members and Councillors

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