Winchburgh Community Council

10th February 2020 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Winchburgh Community Council Meeting held in the Community Education Centre, Craigton Place, Winchburgh at 7.00pm on Monday 10th February 2020.

December Minutes, Proposed by Jim Sommerville, seconded by Mandy Baird


Community Councillors: Nick Knox (“NK”), Graham Campbell (“GC”), Mandy Baird, Sheila Sutherland (“SS”), William Honeyford (“WH”), Jim Sommerville (“JS”), John Pritchard (“JP”) and Peter Anderson (“PA”)

Public: Ian Edgeler, Steven Nicolson, Russell Nicolson, Jen Nicolson (“JN”) and Sam Nicholls

Wesl Lothian Council: Cllr Chris Horne (“CH”) and Gordon Brown (“GB”)

Apologies: John Hamilton, Penny Lochhead, Cllr Diane Calder, Pete Nisbet, Janet Campbell and Alan Russell

Speeding in Village

GB advised that traffic calming measures at the top of Niddry Brae have been approved at Council level. This has been supported financially by both Winchburgh Developments and West Lothian Council.

Issues have been identified at the west end of the village, towards the Jet garage, and continue to be monitored.

The M9 junction is scheduled to open in August 2021, with speed limits on the access roads to be confirmed by WLC. Traffic measures will be introduced to reduce speeds on Main Street once the new schools open, along with a toucan crossing next to the school entrance.

A new roundabout will be introduced just past the Jet garage, which will in time include the new distributor road to Broxburn, via Greendykes Road. The roundabout will also have an exit off to the new school campus.

JS raised that speed bumps were required in Tippet Knowes Road. GB advised that there were no plans for this, and that scheduled work is based on data gathered on previous accidents.

CH raised the issue of dangerous school drop offs outside Sainsbury’s. GB advised he was aware of discussions within WLC, but was unaware as to how these were progressing. GB added that in future, when Main Street receives lesser traffic, the issue of speeding in the area may increase.

PA raised whether a limit of 20mph could be introduced throughout the village. GB advised that this would need Police approval, and would be unenforceable.

JP asked whether any consistent monitoring was undertaken in the village. GB advised that he will take this away and provide details.

PA raised that the opening to the kerb at the start of the Shale Trail was to have been funded by WLC, but is no longer happening. A barrier has been installed, but not finished. GB advised he was aware of the issue, but not across the finer details. NK advised he will pick up with Tom McCabe, and CH and GB will advance within WLC.

Winchburgh Developments update

A public consultation is planned for the empty site on Beatlie Road where Holy Family PS was originally planned to be sited. The plan is for affordable housing based on a modern interpretation of the Miner’s Rows cottages.

Work on Block J will be starting in the next 4 weeks, and the pathway at the site will be blocked off from tomorrow.

The holes in the ground at the triangular site at the west end of the village will be filled in this week

Traffic lights will be in place between Tippet Knowes and the Barratt houses sometime in May.

The traffic lights which will be in place for the School building works will become permanent when the schools open.

It was raised that WLC has advised that they will not be providing funding for a Partnership Centre in the village, despite land being set aside by the developer for this reason. NK advised that the CC will feedback to the Council that this is a necessity for a village that is growing as large as Winchburgh is, and CH also advised he will feed back the Community Council’s displeasure at this news.

CH added that NHS will be providing expanded services elsewhere in the new Town Centre.

23 planning applications related to the development have been approved by WLC recently.

CH advised that Network Rail are now at the point of selecting a site for scoping and data collection for the proposed Rail station.


SS advised that she is still waiting on an invite from the Head teachers of both schools to a meeting.

Winchburgh Development Trust

NK advised that work on the Web Portal is underway, with a questionnaire regarding this recently posted to Facebook.

NK added that WLC would soon be transferring money to the Community Council for the purchase of a Grass cutter. A meeting will be held later this month to agree how best to proceed with this.

Growing Group

400 flower bulbs have been planted across the village. An application has been made to Beautiful Scotland, as this is Britain in Bloom year.


JP advised that the Bowling club is preparing for its AGM on Sunday, 16th February, and getting ready for the start of the season in April. The green has had a £5.5k investment for the forthcoming season and are looking forward to new initiatives to encourage new bowlers to join. The club is used by external groups 7 days a week and is fully booked Mon-Thu in the evenings.

The Golf Club held their AGM on November 29th and 32 Juniors enjoyed our Christmas Away Day at Bridgend GC and then lunch at Niddry Castle GC on December 14th. They have received funding from various sources including Linlithgow and Bo’ness Rotary Club to go towards the cost of two individuals achieving their PGA Level 1 Coaching Certificate. Funding was also received from Aldi, to purchase left-handed clubs. We also received Funding from Councilors Diane Calder and Janet Campbell towards cleaning equipment. Two Blocks of School sessions have been agreed for later this term starting on March 4th with funding for trips to the Golf Club sponsored once again by Winchburgh Developments Ltd.

Walking Football for ages 35 and over takes place on the Kick Pitch at the rear of the Community Centre at 8.15 every Wednesday. The number of participants continues to grow but more are welcome, not just men. There is a Winchburgh Walking Football Facebook Page. JP advised that Kevin Jempson had requested that he pass on thanks to the Community Council for their help in assisting Winchburgh Albion in having a container unit installed at Tippet Knowes park. Also, Winchburgh Albion football club have a new club committee. The new chairman is Darren Haddow, Secretary/vice chair is Michelle Jempson and club development officer is Kevin Jempson any communication can come through any of the three.


WH advised that Brown’s contactors were leaving signs and barriers behind from completed works. NK advised he will raise with WDL.


JN advised that the first stage of the new Airport consultation process has been rejected by the CAA.

JN added that the most recent documentation supplied by the Airport still made mention of flight paths over Winchburgh.

Any Other Business

NK advised that the appeal by Winchburgh Garage over the refusal of planning permission was ongoing.

JN advised that if any plans for the village required funding, that the Airport provides a funding programme to which we could apply.

NK advised that the locations for new park benches have been agreed.

GC added that Hopetoun Estates had been in touch looking for people who were interested in taking an allotment.

PA raised that a horsebox was hampering builders at Stonebyres, and that HGVs were using a small private road next to the Brickworks.

PA added that the Community garden was having water swept into it by the garage, and constantly smelled of diesel. Environmental Health are involved.

Next Meeting – 7:00pm, Monday 9th March 2020

Minutes prepared by G Campbell