Winchburgh Community Council

11th March 2019 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Winchburgh Community Council Meeting held in the Community Education Centre, Craigton Place, Winchburgh at 7.00pm on Monday 11th March 2019.

February Minutes, Proposed by Jim Sommerville, seconded by Pete Nisbet


Community Councillors: Nick Knox (“NK”), Graham Campbell (“GC”), Mandy Baird (“MB”), Jim Sommerville (“JS”), William Honeyford (“WH”), Sheila Sutherland (“SS”), Pete Nisbet (“PN”), John Pritchard (“JP”) and Peter Anderson (“PA”).

Public: Alan Findlay (“AF”), Donna Mabon, Wendy Grant, John Pride, Simon Sweeney, Shirin Geddes, Blair Geddes, Vivienne Brown, Andrew Brown, Abbie Hardie, Edith Small and John Finnigan

Winchburgh Development Trust: Alan Russell (“AR”)

Winchburgh Developments: John Hamilton (“JH”) and Penny Lochhead (“PL”)

West Lothian Council: Chris Horne (“CH”)

Apologies: Irene Wallace, Paul Milne, Janet Campbell, Diane Calder & Angela Doran

NK opened the meeting by advising that there was again no Police presence or report available. GC advised that he had spoken to Angus MacInnes , but had received no further update. PA to email Chief Inspector to provide update.

NK also added that despite several requests to do so, Scottish Water were not in attendance at the meeting.

Finally, NK placed on record the Council’s thanks to Cllr’s Calder, Horne, Campbell and Doran for their assistance in a number of recent issues.

Winchburgh Developments Update

JH advised that construction on the new Bellway development is due to start on 25th March. This will lead to public access to the Drover’s trail being closed off, up to bridge 34, as the whole area will become a construction site. JH added that a diversion will be put in place along Main Street to the Tow Path, for a duration of approx. 1 year.

Four or five houses will be developed on the small triangle of land to the west end of the village. JH added that all oak trees presently at that site will remain, following the completion of a recent survey on the health of said trees.

JH added that the roadworks currently on Niddry Road were to do with Scottish Water, but not connected to works on the next phase of the development. JH will push Scottish Water to attend a future meeting in order for details on the upgrade work for the village scheduled to commence in Summer 2019.

AR noted his disappointment at the closure of the drover’s trail for such a long period of time, as this is well used by locals. JH noted AR’s disappointment, but added that this was the same diversion that was put in place the last time around. JH agreed to revisit the diversion with the contractor, but added that Health and Safety would be paramount in any decision made.

AR also raised that a number of skylarks had been seen in and around the trail, and asked whether these had been taken into account. JH advised that an Ecological survey had been completed on the site, and had taken into account nesting birds.

Finally JH added that a new Winchburgh Developments website would launch by the end of April, supported by a Facebook page to be run by PL.

Emergency Services

NK advised that following discussions, he had been advised that currently police officers are not able to attend Community Council meetings unless they are due to be on shift.

CH advised that the Local Area Committee, held quarterly, posts a regional update on its ‘COINS’ website, and the latest meeting was held on Friday past. GC agreed to post link to website via the usual channels.

PA advised that the fire brigade checked the local hydrants every 3 months.

Following on from the discussion re water pressure at the last meeting, PA advised that he had contacted Scottish Water, and been told that there only been two instances of low water pressure being reported in the area in the last 2 years.

JS advised that he had contacted the Police regarding the pickup truck abandoned on Niddry Road last week, but had seen no response. It was noted that the truck had been moved today.


NK advised that an area had been setup by the schools in order to make it easier for parents to pick their children up in the afternoon.

GC advised that he had received a message from Chris McWilliams asking if anything could be done regarding the bin lorries collecting rubbish from the school area around drop-off time on a Monday morning. CH advised he will raise this on behalf of the Community Council.

PL advised that she was still looking into providing a safer walking route to school for houses to the west end of the village.

Winchburgh Development Trust

AR advised that the Development Trust held a very well attended and successful open meeting last Saturday, where it laid out the initial Village Action Plan, and its potential projects.

AR advised that a link to the plan had been posted to Facebook, and was also available via the Trust’s website.

AR noted that the deadline for feedback on the plan was Tuesday 12th March, and all feedback would be discussed at the Trust’s next board meeting on 11th April.


JP advised that 2 Winchburgh Albion 2010 teams were now playing games at the Tippetknowes football park.

JP also added that an open session for juniors would be held at Niddry Castle Golf Club next Saturday.


WH advised that an application has been made to build 5 houses on private land at Glenfox, to the west end of the village.

WH added that following failed applications to turn the general store next to Scotmid into a hot food/takeaway store, the store itself has now closed down.

NK raised that there has been a delay in the Pharmacy taking over the unit at the new town centre, and that there was no further updates on when the other two units would be opening, despite rent continuing to be paid on them.

NK added that the redevelopment of the Tally Ho would be commencing shortly.


NK noted that as was agreed at the previous meeting, the number for reporting anti-social behaviour had been shared via the Council’s Facebook page.

NK also noted that the issue previously raised by Irene Wallace at the last meeting had been resolved.


NK noted that the Community Council was still looking for someone to take on the Health portfolio, and that there was no update to share.

Money & Noticeboard

MB advised that the Youth Club had submitted a request to the Community Council to help fund their upcoming residential trip. NK proposed a £200 contribution, which was agreed by the Council members. PL advised that Winchburgh Developments Limited would donate the remaining £350 required. WDL were thanked for their kind donation.

PN advised that it appeared that the funding request to West Lothian Council for monies for the Community Garden appeared to have been successful.

It was also noted that the Community Growing Group had recently planted a number of fruit trees in Tippetknowes park.

PN asked when it was likely that the replacement trees would be planted in front of the new town centre – JH advised it would be towards the end of this year.


NK noted that no member of the Community Council had yet come forward to take over the Airport portfolio following Gary Allanach’s resignation.

GC advised that Louise McIntyre from the Airport had been in touch to say that she was still looking into why First Bus had increased the cost of a ticket for the 600 service into the airport.


It was noted that timetables had now been put in place at bus stops in the village.

CH advised that a Service Change Request had been submitted to West Lothian Council regarding the 38 service, but was unaware of any further details regarding the request.

WH added that First Bus would be reviewing their fare structure at the end of March.

Communications to Community Council

NK advised that following previous correspondence on the issue, the kick pitch has been cleaned, and signs regarding dogs have been put up. It was also noted that one of the gates into the pitch had been removed.

NK also advised that he had been notified that there was currently no dog warden in post at West Lothian Council.

CH advised that he would speak to Alan Colquhoun, the new Community Sports and Arts officer at West Lothian Council regarding the pitch.

GC advised that he had received a message from previous CC Chairman Anton Watson regarding the usage of Dirt Bikes on the canal path. CH advised that this should be reported to the police, as no action would be possible without it being reported.


JP asked whether any meetings would be held for Community Councillors in between monthly meetings, in order to discuss Council business. NK will arrange.

PA noted that the Community Growing box had been removed from Bennetswood.

PA asked whether it had been reported that the street lighting on Beatlie Road always appeared to be on. CH advised he would take this forward for resolution, but that it would need to be reported first, if it had not been already.

PN raised that the street lighting at the Bellway development was very poor. PL advised that she would investigate as to who was responsible for the upkeep.

Alan Findlay

AF advised that he had previously written a book based on life in West Lothian entitled ‘Football Boots for Christmas’, which sold approx. 1,500 copies.

His current project is based on the social history of Winchburgh, and was looking for potential donations to help publish. PL agreed to meet with AF to discuss further.

Next Meeting – 7:00pm, Monday 8th April 2019

Minutes prepared by G Campbell